Hon Tariana Turia
Te Taura Whiri, He Taura Tangata, Te Taura Ki Te Whenua;
My Life In Parliament and Returning Home


Tariana TuriaHon Minister Tariana Turia is the Māori Party Co-Leader. She is the Minister for Whānau Ora, Minister for Disability Issues, Associate Minister of Health, Associate Minister for Social Development, Associate Minister of Housing, Associate Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment.

Tariana was first elected to the House of Representatives as a Māori Party Member of Parliament on 10 July 2004 for the Electorate of Te Tai Hauāuru and was re-elected in the 2005, 2008 and 2011 General Elections.

Prior to the formation of the Māori Party, Tariana was a NZ Labour Party List MP from 1996-1999 and Member of Parliament for Te Tai Hauāuru from July 2002 to May 2004. At this year’s elections the Hon Tariana Turia will be stepping down as the co-leader of the Māori Party. In July Tariana presented her valedictorian speech in Parliament. She thanked all the many people that she has worked with over the many years. She shared her journey to date and also her vision for the future.

Her humility and strength shined through the words of her speech, but it is the love of her people of Whanganui and throughout Aotearoa which is awe inspiring – “Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au”.

It is indeed an honor to have Hon Tariana Turia speak at this year’s national Federation of Māori Authorities Conference as we join together and acknowledge her great commitment to Aotearoa.