Enrique Icka Tepihe
Rapanui Toki: Building a Nation


Enrique Icka Tepihe "Ka tau te ra’a. I’m Enrique Icka Tepihe, of the Easter Island (Rapa Nui) ethnic. My ancestral lineage goes back to the first king who came from the lost city of Hiva and maintained order and energetic equilibrium through time. I’m a fisherman, scuba diver, musician, dancer, and construction engineer.

Through my art I have always sought to unite my people and send out a message to the young to learn about and protect our culture, a living legacy, because in it we will find the answer of our lineage, of what moves us, and makes us who we are.

Two years ago, 10 young Easter Island professionals formed the NGO TOKI RAPA NUI. Our goal is to create an Easter Island developmental center where we assemble the noblest knowledge existing and become a world reference in self-sustainability, where music, art and culture are our unification tools. Kiri Icka Pakarati is my father. He’s a craftsman, farmer, fisherman, and musician.

Today it is very important to walk together to re-establish the mana in our home. We belong to a family group called E Toru Hanua Nua Mea which works in the area of patrimonial rescue. Up until now we have restored the mana vai, hare moa, hare oka, pipi horeko etc. at more than 300 archaeological sites.

Today we are here to learn from you and share our legacy, the legacy of our tupuna, who calls upon us to build our home in community and harmony for future generations.