Daisy Noble
Te Rua O Te Moko: Our Story of Leadership


Taranaki te Maunga, Waingongoro te awa, Aotea te waka, Ngaruahine te iwi.

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa. Tihi Anne Daisy Noble is one of many uri of the whenua Te Rua o Te Moko. She was elected to serve on the Trust in 2004 but gave up the trusteeship a year later when she was elected onto the Ngaruahine Iwi mandated organisation for fisheries settlement purposes.

In 2009 Daisy re-joined the Ngaruahine Trust Board to progress and manage the iwi treaty settlement claims, her board role extended to Chair, and appointment as chief negotiator for the settlement claims, a position she will continue to fill through to settlement. At the Te Rua O Te Moko Trust AGM in December 2012 Daisy was again elected to serve on the Trust, a role that she continues to hold along with being the Trust secretary.

Daisy feels incredibly fortunate to be living in a space where the world is virtually at her feet, she wakes in the morning to be greeted by her tupuna koro, Maunga Taranaki, to the front of the house and at the rear of the house the whenua Te Rua o Te Moko.