Annette Main
Celebrating our Amazing Community


Annette MainAnnette Main is in her second term as Mayor of Whanganui.

She previously served four terms representing Whanganui on the Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Council.

She lives in the Whanganui River valley, 45 km from town, where she runs a tourism and horticulture venture. Her background is in environmental tourism and heritage fruit production, and she also has a small urban based food business, making and selling specialty products from locally grown produce.

Annette leads the Safer Whanganui multi-agency collaboration and the Whanganui Digital leaders forum which has 100% connected as its goal, ensuring the district is well placed to use new technology across all sectors in the community. She is determined that Whanganui is seen as a place where people are united, and the opportunities to choose a way of life are available for all in the community.