Conference Presentations

Federation of Māori Authorities National Conference 2014
He Taura Whiri, Te Taura Tāngata, He Taura ki te Whenua


Friday 26th September - Day One

Federation of Māori Authorities 27th Annual General Meeting
The War Memorial Hall - Concert Chamber


Saturday 27th September - Day two

Nga Rauru: Our People
Annemarie Broughton (PDF - 9.5MB); General Manager Nga Rauru

Tuhono Whenua: Horticulture
Steve Saunders (PDF - 3.7MB), CE Grow Plus Limited

Landcorp: Farming for the Future
Steven Carden (PDF - 11.7MB), CE Landcorp

Te Taura Ki Te Whenua Delegates have a choice between two options at registration;

  • Te Rua O Te Moko Session, Pioneer Room OR
  • Morikaunui and Red Meat Presentation Concert Chamber

Te Rua O Te Moko Session Pioneer Room
Session Facilitator; Topia Rameka, FOMA Executive Tuwharetoa

Te Rua O Te Moko: Our Ahuwhenua Story
Dion Maaka (PDF - 2.6MB), Chair, Te Rua O Te Moko Limited

Dairy Farming Futures: Partnerships and Opportunities
Hon. John Luxton (PDF - 0.5MB), Chair Dairy NZ

The Ahuwhenua Trophy BNZ Excellence in Maori Farming
Young Maori Dairy Farmer of the Year 2014

Wiremu and Bettina Reid (PDF - 13.8MB)

Parininihi ki Waitotara Inc: The PKW Maori Dairy Story
Hinerangi Raumati (PDF - 1.6MB), Chairman

Board Dynamics: Another Lens
Henri Eliot (PDF - 1.1MB), CE Board Dynamics

Ministry of Primary Industries:
Ben Dalton (PDF - 3.2MB), Deputy Director General of Sector Partnerships and Programmes

Morikaunui and Red Meat Presentation Concert Chamber

Plate to Pasture
Keith Cooper (PDF - 8MB), CE, Silver Fern Farms

Primary ITO: training and development
Mark Jeffries (PDF - 0.4MB), CE Primary ITO

Morikaunui Inc: The Story of Our People
Hari Benevides (PDF - 8MB), Chairman

Innovation and Technology on Farm: NAIT
Dr Mark Bosson (PDF - 17.7MB), Senior Technical Analyst OSPRI

Atihau Whanganui Inc: Planning now for Our Future
Mavis Mullins (PDF - 7.7MB), Chairman Atihau Incorporation

Beef+Lamb New Zealand: Working Together
James Parsons (PDF - 1.3MB), Chairman

Governance Leadership and Sustainability: Growing Our People
Lisa Te HeuHeu (PDF - 1.3MB), Advisor Te Kauta

4.15pm Day Ends

Saturday Banquet - Mātārua/Masquerade

Guest Speakers:
The Amazing Race; In To Win It
Johnny and Murray (PDF - 3.8MB), The Amazing Race 2014 Australia vs NZ - Team NZ

Guest Speakers: Great Kai, Great Korero: Living Our Dream
Kasey and Karena Bird (PDF - 5.6MB) - Master Chef Winners 2014


Sunday 28th September - Day three


He Taura Tāngata; Looking to the Future

Te Rua O Te Moko: Our Story of Leadership
Daisy Noble (PDF - 0.7MB), Chairman, Te Runanga O Ngati Ruahine

Rapanui Toki: Building a Nation
Enrique Icka Tepihe (PDF - 8.4MB) and Kiri Icka Pakarati